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Dreams do come True.

At this time Saturday, I'll be on my way to Florida. (Yeah, BABY!)
We'll prolly just be taking off from Texas.
I hate that we have to make a stop in Texas--that means more taking offs and more landings!
lol. I am so frickin' scared of flying!
I'm not looking forward to any turbulance either--especially with the weather...
I am gonna freakin' cry!
I hope the hurricanes are gone and it's a nice week while I'm there!

Anyways- I am perdy much done packing and ready to go.
Tomorrow mom and I have last minute errands to run like:
Go to the Bank, Head to the Tracy Mall & get a pedicure (we gotta have cute toes!), and buy some stuff @ Target to entertain me on the plane so I don't go stir crazeh!

That's about it. I'm SuPeR-DuPeR excited!!
I'm just sad about leaving Bam & Oreo. They are gonna forget me while I'm gone! :(
I asked mom if I could take them and she just gave me a Mean look. Pssssh her! lol.

Well, just wanted to tell ya'll bye before I left. I prolly won't be on here again before I leave. So, I love you guys very very very much! I'll miss you. Cya!
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