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First Steps On MJC Soil...

Oooh Man! What a friggin' day!
Geez...where to begin...ok.

I left the house around 8:20AM to go to MJC to meet with a councelor. I get there around 8:50-9:00ish. Anyways- I'm already lost. I drive into what I thought was the right parking lot until I had to walk miles and miles...I just seen an open spot so I took it. So then I see the bookstore and was like SCORE I'm on the right track because I needed to buy a catalog. I get to the door...it's closed--I have to go to the East Campus to get one. I'm like where the hell is that!? lol. I found this random girl and asked her about the bookstore and she told me where the other campus was, etc...then I ask if she knows where the Advising House is...she's like East Campus--I'm like Nooo! They told me to come to the West Campus to some Yosmite Hall. She's like Oh-over here. Thank Gawd! Let me mention it's already 80 degrees at 9AM in Modesto! She shows me where to go. I go in to sign up and this girl asks if I am a new student or returning--I tell her new and she asks if I have gone to the orientation. I'm like nooo-she then says well you can't see a councelor then until after. I'm thinking ShiT! But I find out that their is an orientation going on now so I get lost going upstairs and then fianlly found it--it had already started so I had to stay double to answer all the questions on the sheet. I turn it in- then I go see the councelor ask her my question-which I got some answered-some I am still confused on, but I only had 15 mins with her. She tells me she got my assesment scores for my english from Foothill, but none for math so tomorrow I have to test for Math. I retested for English while I was there (why the hell not, right!?) to see if I could get a higher score to get in a different Eng. but noo. It sucks! After the test I get some financial aid papers (which I won't get anyways) then I headed the miles to my car. It's waay hot by this time. DAMN SUN! lol. I start to head out to the East Campus like the girl told me and it was like across town. It's nuts! I feel bad for the peeps who don't have cars...it's a good 12 min drive w/o traffic. I arrive there after searching for a spot to park. Get lost while trying to find the bookstore. I get asked oh do you know where such-and-such is...I'm like dude I'm lost myself! I find the bookstore-purchased the catalog and scrambled for my car...and I was on my way home. Thank Goodness! So, yeah--I filled out my FASFA online and damn that shiet is confusing! I think I got everything perdy much taken care of for now. I feel more independent/confident in myself now. I think I can really get the hang of this college thing. I know one thing for sure--I'm sure to lose a few pounds from all the walking I am gonna be doing. LOL! Which is a VERY good thing! Anyways- I am poop'd. I am gonna go watch my Soap Opera and relax.

(I typed something to this extent on Myspace and well--it was under freakin' maintanance-Bah!)
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So you had an interesting day. Torrid didnt call me so I am all bummed but whatever I guess *sigh*. Yeah I told you you could do it you just never listen lol. Its all good. but just wanted to leave you a little comment.
Haha, Yes...I had a VERY intersting day.
Sorry to hear about Torrid. Maybe they will call you later in the week. Who knows!
welcome to the college life :)
Hee hee, Thanx!
Boy did I have a day. I went to go take my Math test and I got a ticket for parking in the wrong spot....DUMB security guards!