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Guess What BiTCheS!?

25 FRIGGIN' more days! 25! *w00t w00t*
I'm soo excited. Hahaha.
I'm pretty much done packing too. lol.

My poor kitty's had their first check up at the vet. They got shots and blood taken. I felt so bad for them cause they were scared and angry! Awwww. Bam is still kinda out of it.

Anywho- Real World's on tonight. (YaHoooooooo!!)

I had a good time away, I guess. Did anyone miss me!?
Friday I went to go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Vanessa.
Man that movie kick'd ass. It was awesome!!

I seen Asya for a little while too. Man, she's growing just too damn fast!
She was playin' dress-up with Cherry's high heels. It was of course "so adorbale"!

I had a weird kinda moment last Thursday, I answered the phone and it was my brother's dad. I had never really talked to him and he was like talking to me like he seen me everyday. Asking how I was, if I was going to college yet, etc. It was just a strage convo, for me, I guess.

Welps, not much else crackin' around here. It's HizoTT in P-town. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 96 degrees! Yikes! lol.
I'll be fried/baked/toasted-all of the above.

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