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I still love you.

Happy Friday!
Woo-hoo! I <3 Fridays, although everyday is perdy much a Friday for me...since I'm a loser.

44 FREAKIN' more days till FLORIDA! Yes. Yippy.
Although, I see very bad weather there. Noooot good!

BSB was on the Today show this morning. It was the wet-look all over again!
They all look sexier now that their older. AGE did them well. LOL!
4 more days until the album--woo-hoo!

Turtledove's (Granpa's) birthday is tomorrow.
He'll be 71 yrs. old and still sexeh!

Anywho- nuthin' more to add, so I'ma get a scadoodlein'. C-YaZ!
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a lot of it has to do with their new stylist too...cause damn...they are all hot now!! lol

omg concert dates are out..August 30th! in concord tickets go on sale the 17th of this month....i wanna go bad...how far is concord!? lol
Oh Fo REAL!? Concord! I seen them their once-back in the day. It's not too far. Like an hour and 15 or so. August 30th, huh? I wanna go too!!!!!!! What day is that!? The 17th of THIS month, hmm......I WANNA GO!