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I still love you.

Happy Friday!
Woo-hoo! I <3 Fridays, although everyday is perdy much a Friday for me...since I'm a loser.

44 FREAKIN' more days till FLORIDA! Yes. Yippy.
Although, I see very bad weather there. Noooot good!

BSB was on the Today show this morning. It was the wet-look all over again!
They all look sexier now that their older. AGE did them well. LOL!
4 more days until the album--woo-hoo!

Turtledove's (Granpa's) birthday is tomorrow.
He'll be 71 yrs. old and still sexeh!

Anywho- nuthin' more to add, so I'ma get a scadoodlein'. C-YaZ!
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