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Feeling hated, loved, envied and cherished all at the same time.

Tonight we'll fly away so high, our first full moon sky.
I'll brethe you in, I won't let you down.
I won't hold you back, I won't make a sound.
I know what scares you the most, being alone or just like them.
Being alive while feeling so dead, at least you'll have my heart.
You know you shine so bright.
I've got a single silver bullet, I shot right through my heart to prove I can survive without you.
Can you sleep at night if I hold you tight?
I won't let you go, this feels so right.
Please don't leave this time.
Tonight we'll fly away so high.
Tonight we'll fly away.


Bleed these colors open wide, burning blues from butterflies.
Tonight we fly, flying faster through the night until the orange of morning light, dear black goodbye.
I know it's hard to make this work when you're all alone.
I've been waiting for so long to hold you in my arms, embrace forever my sweet boy.
Water fills these open eyes, still frames and valentines won't keep me in his mind, dear black goodbye.
You are the ghost of everything that I am not and I want to be.
Dear black goodbye, don't forget to write your name inside of my life.

*If you liked what you read...then you'll love what you'll hear. Hawthorne Heights!!*
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